Taking a Workshop

Students interested in one of the workshops below should contact the faculty member for more information and register for the class through my.harvard.

Proposing a Workshop

Faculty interested in establishing a research workshop may submit a proposal that includes at least two faculty members and six graduate students who intend to meet regularly over the course of the academic year. Participants may also invite visiting scholars (one or two per term) to speak. Grants of up to $5,000 per year are available and may be used to underwrite the cost of travel expenses for a guest scholar, photocopying materials, refreshments for meetings, and stipend for a student to coordinate workshop activities.

If you have questions or would like more information on how to generate a workshop proposal, please contact Sheila Thomas.

2017–2018 Workshops 

New Workshops

Asia Center Graduate Student Associate Program & Colloquium- Asia Center
(Karen Thornber and Andrew Gordon)

East Mediterranean and West Asian Connections — Classics
(Paul Kosmin and Gojko Barjamovic)

Religion Colloquium — Religion
(Catherine Brekus, Michael Puett, Laura Nasrallah, Helen Hardacre, and Luis Giron-Negron)

Black, Brown, and Queer Science, Religion and Culture (BBQ-SRC) Working Group — Women, Gender, and Sexuality
(Ahmed Ragab and Sophia Roosth)

Colloquium in Modern East Asian Media and Visual Studies  - East Asian Languages and Civilizations
(Jie Li, David Wang, Tomiko Yoda, and Alexander Zahlten)

The Political Economy Workshop — Economics
(Alberto Alesina, Nathan Nunn, and Benjamin Enke)

Race and Ethnicity Colloquium — English
(Glenda Carpio and Ju Yon Kim)

20th Century U.S History Workshop — History

Borders in Modern Asia — History
(Lisa McGirr, Elizabeth Hinton, and Andrew Pope)

Methodologies in Egyptology and Mesopotamian Studies Workshop — Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations
(Ahmed Ragab, Sophia Roosth, Wythe Marschall, and Gili Vidan )

Arabic Reading and Workshop — Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations
(Gojko Barjamovic and Peter Der Manuelian)

Contemporary Studies of Race & Ethnicity (CSRE) Workshop — Sociology
(Shady Nasser, Khaled El-Rouayheb, and Malika Zeghal)

Politics and Social Change — Sociology
(Lawrence Bobo and Jim Sidanius)

Social Demography Seminar 
(Jocelyn Viterna and Paul Chang)

Continuing Workshops

American Studies

American Studies Prospectus and Dissertation Colloquia 
(Joyce Chaplin and John Stauffer)


Current Research in Anthropology
(Jason Ur and Matthew Liebmann)

East Asian Archaeology Seminar (EAAS)
(Rowan Flad and Michael Puett)

Celtic Languages and Literatures

Celtic Studies Research and Conference Workshop 
(Catherine McKenna, Natasha Sumner, and Joseph Nagy)


Cultural Politics in Greece and Rome
(Emma Dench and Naomi Weiss)

Technical Traditions in Greece and Rome: Between Theory and Practice
(Mark Schiefsky and Jared Hudson)

Postclassicisms: Literary Secondariness and Antiquity and Beyond
(Richard Thomas and Jared Hudson)

East Asian Languages and Civilizations

Pre-Modern Chinese Literature Workshop
(Wai-yee Li, Stephen Owen, and Xiaofei Tian)


EC 2420hf Research in Macroeconomics
(David Laibson and Gabriel Chodorow-Reich)

Economic History Workshop
(Claudia Goldin, Nathan Nunn, Melissa Dell, and Eric Chaney)

Environmental Economics Workshop
(Jerry Green, Dale Jorgenson, Robert Stavins Megan Bailey, and Daniel Velez-Lopez)

Research Seminar in International Economics
(Pol Antras, Gita Gopinath, Elhanan Helpman, and Marc Melitz)

Ec2390d Research in Economic Development & EC 2332
(Michael Kremer, Nathan Nunn, Gautam Rao, and Melissa Dell)

Economics 2162: Research in Econometrics
(Gary Chamberlain and Max Kasy)

Ec 2640hfa/b Research in Industrial Organization
(Ariel Pakes, Robin Lee, and Myrto Kalouptsidi)

Ec 2480hf Public Finance and Economics Lunch Workshop and Ec 2812hf Labor Economics Lunch Workshop
(Larry Katz, David Cutler, Mandy Pallais, Nathan Hendren, and Stefanie Stantcheva)

Ec 3011 The Behavioral and Experimental Economics Workshop
(David Laibson, Matthew Rabin, Tomasz Strzalecki, and Andrei Shleifer)

Economics 2770hf Research in Financial Economics
(John Campbell, Jeremy Stein, and Matteo Maggiori)


Theater and Performance Colloquium
(Martin Puchner, Derek Miller, and Ju Yon Kim)

Colloquium on the Literature of the Long 18th Century and Romanticism
(James Engell, Andrew Warren, and Diedre Lynch)

English Department Medieval Doctoral Conference
(James Simpson, Nicholas Watson, and Daniel Donoghue)

British Literature
(Beth Blum and Kelly Rich)

Renaissance Doctoral Conference
(Marjorie Garber, Stephen Greenblatt, Gordon Teskey, and Leah Whittington)

American Literature Colloquium 
(Beth Blum and Kelly Rich)

Germanic Languages and Literatures

Panaesthetics: Colloquium on the Visual Arts, Literature, and Music
(John Hamilton, Cecile Guedon, and Lisa Parkes)


Workshop in Political Theory (GOV 3008)
(Eric Nelson and Katrina Forrester)

Political Psychology and Behavior
(Ryan Enos, Josh Kertzer, Sa-kiera Hudson, and Alex Mierke-Zatwarnicki)

American Politics Research Workshop
(Jim Snyder and Jon Rogowski)

Research Workshop in Applied Statistics (Gov 3009)
(Gary King, Finale Doshi-Velez, Donald Rubin, Christopher Winship, and Alberto Abadie)

Cambridge Chinese Politics Research Workshop
(Elizabeth Perry and Iain Johnston)

Graduate Student Workshop in Political Economy
(Horacio Larreguy, James M. Snyder, Jr., Colleen Driscoll, and Matthew Reichert)

Research Workshop in International Relations (Government 3005)
(Dustin Tingley, Stephen Rosen, and Naima Green)

Research Workshop in Political Economy 3007
(Torben Iversen and Dustin Tingley)

Research Workshop in Comparative Politics (Government 3006)
(Timothy Colton and Daniel Smith)

Health Policy

Workshop in Health Economics
(Thomas McGuire, Joseph Newhouse, and Michael Chernew)


Medieval History Workshop
(Dimiter Angelov and Daniel Smail)

New Directions in the History of Central and Inner Asia
(Mark Elliott and David Roxburgh)

Early Modern European History
(Ann Blair, Tamar Herzog, David Armitage, and James Hankins)

Russian and East European History Workshop
(Terry Martin, Serhii Plokhii, Kelly O'Neill, and Alison Johnson)

Workshop on the Political Economy of Modern Capitalism
(Sven Beckert and Christine Desan)

Atlantic History Workshop
(Vincent Brown and Mary Lewis)

History of Science

STS Circle at Harvard
(Sheila Jasanoff, Venky Narayanamurti, and Jim McCarthy)

Early Sciences Working Group
(Ahmed Ragab and Hannah Marcus )

Modern Sciences Working Group
(Alex Csiszar and Sophia Roosth)

History of Medicine Working Group
(Allan Brandt and David Jones)

Human Evolutionary Biology

Current Issues in Human Evolutionary Biology
(Daniel Lieberman and David Pilbeam)


Linguistics Circle: A workshop on syntax/semantics/prosody interfaces
(Gennaro Chierchia, C.-T. James Huang, Isabelle Charnavel, Gunnar Lund, and Tiffany Yang)

Workshop on Indo-European and Historical Linguistics
(Jay Jasanoff and Jeremy Rau)

Language Universals and Linguistic Theory-UniLab
(Cheryl Murphy)

Medieval Studies

Medieval Studies Graduate Interdisciplinary Workshop
(Sean Gilsdorf and Luis Giron Negron)


Composers' Colloquium
(Chaya Czernowin and Hans Tutschku)

Friday Musicology Colloquium
(Emily Dolan and Alex Rehding)

Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations

The Middle East Beyond Borders: Culture, Politics, and Religion
(Malika Zeghal and Kristen Stilt)

Workshop on Arabic & Islamic Studies 
(Khaled El-Rouayheb and Justine Landau)

History and Archaeology of Ancient Near Eastern Societies 
(Gojko Barjamovic, Jason Ur, and Piotr Steinkeller)

The Study of the Hebrew Bible
(Peter Machinist, Richard Saley, D. Andrew Teeter, and Eric Jarrard)

Jewish Studies Reading Group
(Jay Harris and Shaye Cohen)


Workshop on Moral and Political Philosophy
(Christine Korsgaard, Gina Schouten, Lucas Stanczyk, and Selim Berker)

Workshop on Metaphysics and Epistemology
(Susanna Rinard, Susanna Siegel, Alison Simmons, and Mark Richard)


String Theory Graduate Student Workshop
(Andrew Strominger, Cumrun Vafa, Xi Yin, and Daniel Jafferis)


Research Seminar in Visual Cognition
(Yaoda Xu and George Alvarez)

The Study of the Hebrew Bible
(Peter Machinist, Richard Saley, D. Andrew Teeter, and Eric Jarrard)

Research Seminar in Clinical Science
(Jill M. Hooley and Richard J. McNally)

Developmental Studies Research Seminar
(Jesse Snedeker, Susan Carey, and Elizabeth Spelke)

Research Workshop in Social Psychology
(Joshua Greene and Fiery Cushman)

Cognition, Brain, and Behavior Research Seminar
(Leah Somerville, Max Krasnow, Talia Konkle, and Samuel Gershman)


Science and Religion in a Global Context
(Ahmed Ragab)

North American Religions Colloquium
(David N. Hempton, Catherine Brekus, and David Holland)

Romance Languages and Literatures

Aesthetics, Politics and Subjectivity in Contemporary Latin American Theory
(Mariano Siskind, Daniel Aguirre-Oteiza, Sergio Delgado, Ignacio Martin Azcueta, and Anna White-Nockleby)

Slavic Languages and Literatures

Current Research in Russian and East European Literature and Culture
(Stephanie Sandler and Aleksandra Kremer)


Culture and Social Analysis Workshop
(Stephanie Sandler and Aleksandra Kremer)

Current Research in Russian and East European Literature and Culture
(Michele Lamont, Bart Bonikowski, Elena Ayala-Hurtado, and Derek Robey)

Economic Sociology Seminar
(Frank Dobbin and Rakesh Khurana)

History, Culture, and Society
(Orlando Patterson, Daniel Smail, and Ya-wen Lei)

Migration and Immigrant Incorporation (MII)
(Mary Waters)

Urban Social Processes (Sociology 314) 
(Robert J. Sampson and Mario L. Small)

Work, Organizations, and Markets
(Peter Marsden and Ethan Bernstein)

South Asian Studies

South Asia Across Disciplines
(Sunil Amrith and Ajantha Subramanian)


Statistical Thinking for the Sciences and the Social Good
(Natesh Pillai and Neil Shepard)

Women, Gender, and Sexuality

GSAS Gender and Sexuality Workshop
(Annabel Kim and Sarah Richardson)

Film and Visual Studies

Screen Studies Workshop
(Rick Rentschler and Laura Frahm)

Weatherhead Center for International Affairs

Latin America Discussion Group
(Steven R. Levitsky, Jorge Dominguez, and Frances Hagopian)