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Directors of Graduate Studies

Directors of graduate studies help GSAS students navigate the academic experience.

Serving as an important connection between GSAS and academic programs, directors of graduate studies (DGS) play a critical role in helping GSAS students navigate the resources available to help them thrive in graduate school.  

DGSs for 2022–2023 

African and African American Studies: Jacob Olupona  

American Studies: Dan McKanan  

Anthropology: Nicholas Harkness  

Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Urban Planning: Antoine Picon  

Art, Film, and Visual Studies: Lucien Castaing-Taylor  

Astronomy: Charlie Conroy  

Biological Sciences in Dental Medicine: Yingzi Yang  

Biological Sciences in Public Health: Flaminia Catteruccia        

Biology, Molecular and Cellular: Craig Hunter           

Biophysics: Martha Bulyk, Rachelle Gaudet  

Biostatistics: Rajarshi Mukherjee, Sebastien Haneuse  

Business Administration: Jennifer Mucciarone  

Business Economics: Jennifer Mucciarone  

Celtic Languages and Literatures: Natasha Sumner  

Chemical Biology: Daniel Kahne, Suzanne Walker  

Chemical Physics: Joe Lavin, Theodore Betley  

Chemistry and Chemical Biology: Joe Lavin, Theodore Betley  

Classics: Richard Thomas  

Comparative Literature: Verena Conley  

Earth and Planetary Sciences: David Johnston, Kaighin McColl  

East Asian Languages and Civilizations: Tomiko Yoda  

Economics, Jeffrey Miron: Brenda Piquet  

Education: Paola Uccelli, Luke Miratrix  

Engineering and Applied Sciences: Yiling Chen, Daniel Weinstock, Boris Kozinsky, Hanspeter Pfister, Samuel Kou, Eli Tziperman, Frans Spaepan, Federico Capasso, Krzysztof Gajos, Joost Vlassak  

English: John Stauffer  

Germanic Languages and Literatures: John Hamilton  

Government: Josh Kertzer  

Health Policy: Meredith Rosenthal  

History: Dimiter Angelov   

History of Art and Architecture: Jeffery Hamburger  

History of Science: Alex Csiszar  

Human Evolutionary Biology: Terence Capellini  

Inner Asian and Altaic Studies: Mark Elliot  

Linguistics: Jeremy Rau  

Mathematics: Melanie Matchett Wood, Mark Kisin  

Medical Sciences: David Van Vactor, Peter Park, Shiv Pillai, Garrett Wendy, Ben Gewurz, Gwenaelle Geleoc, John Assad, David Knipe  

Middle Eastern Studies: Shady Nasser  

Music: Anne Shreffer  

Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations: Malika Zeghal  

Organismic and Evolutionary Biology: Scott Edwards  

Organizational Behavior: Jennifer Mucciarone  

Philosophy: Mark Richard  

Physics: Jacob Barandes, Melissa Franklin  

Political Economy and Government: Robert Stavins  

Population Health Sciences: Jarvis Chen, Bruce Villineau, Eric Rimm  

Psychology: Leah Somerville, Jesse Snedeker  

Public Policy: Robert Stavins  

Quantum Science Engineering: Evelyn Hu, John Doyle  

Regional Studies–East Asia: Jie Li  

Regional Studies–Russia, Eastern Europe, Central Asia: Alexandra Vacroux  

Religion: Michelle Sanchez  

Romance Languages and Literatures: Daniel Aguirre-Oteiza  

Slavic Languages and Literatures: Julie Buckler  

Social Policy: Jennifer Hochschild  

Sociology: David Pedulla  

South Asian Studies: Parimal Patil  

Statistics: Susan Murphy, Jun Liu  

Systems, Synthetic, and Quantitative Biology: Andrew Murray, Timothy Mitchison  

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