COVID-19 Update

If you purchased a spring MBTA semester pass through GSAS, your student account was not charged. The pass will remain active until the end of May 2020.​

Students at the Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences can purchase semester MBTA Local Bus, Link (bus and subway), or commuter rail passes (all zones) at a 50 percent discount by completing the MBTA Semester Pass order form online by the appropriate deadline. The cost of the semester pass will be charged to your student account. Once available, you will receive an email to pick up your pass in Cambridge or in the Longwood Medical Area. 

GSAS allows one order per student per semester. You must be a current student at the Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences to receive a pass. 

Students can order a January-May or February-May pass for the spring semester. The January-May pass order period has closed. 

The February-May pass runs from February 1, 2020, through May 31, 2020. The deadline to order a February-May pass has closed. Announcement about September-December MBTA passes will be announced during the summer. 

Semester Pass Program FAQs

Q: What is the difference between a Zone 1A and a Link pass? They cost the same.

A: The Link pass offers unlimited travel on subway and local bus. The Zone 1A pass offers the same unlimited coverage as the Link pass with the addition of Zone 1A commuter rail stops. See the MBTA Commuter Rail Zone map for more information. Students must pick up their next month’s Zone 1A pass towards the end of each month (e.g. November’s pass will be picked up at the end of October). Link passes are picked up once each semester. Lastly, lost Link passes may be replaced, whereas lost Zone 1A passes may not be replaced; students would have to wait until the next month when they would pick up their next pass.

Q: Can I pay for my pass with a check?

A: No, all T-pass orders will be charged to the student’s term bill.

Q: When and where can I pick my pass up?

A: The Office of Student Affairs will be in touch via email when the passes are ready for pick-up. Students may pick up their passes in the location—Cambridge or Longwood—designated by them in their order form.

  • Fall pass pick-up is at the end of August
  • Spring January-May pass pick-up is at the end of December or beginning of January
  • Spring February-May pass pick-up is at the end of January.
  • Commuter rail passes must be picked up monthly, as the MBTA only manufactures monthly commuter rail passes. 

Q: What happens if I lose my pass?

A: Only bus and Link passes may be replaced by the MBTA. If you have lost a bus or Link pass, please contact the Office of Student Affairs ( and they will deactivate your lost pass and order a replacement pass on your behalf.

Q: Is there summer T-pass coverage?

A: No, the MBTA sets the parameters for the Semester Pass Program. The summer months are not part of the program.

Q: Can I buy a pass just for a month?

A: No, the Semester Pass Program offers coverage for either four or five consecutive months, depending on the pass you choose. Students are charged for the entire amount and cannot opt in or out of coverage during the semester.

Q: Can Student Affairs mail me my pass?

A: No, students must pick up their passes in person. 


Spring January-May (5 Month) Pass Pricing

Prices reflect fare increases that took effect July 2019.  

Pass Type Full Fare Five Month Pass

Harvard GSAS Subsidized Five Month Pass

Student Pays

Local Bus: $275.00 $137.50
Link Pass (local bus and subway): $450.00 $225.00
Inner Express Bus: $680.00 $340.00
Outer Express Bus: $840.00 $420.00

Zone 1A:  

$450.00 $225.00
Zone 1: $1,070.00 $535.00
Zone 2: $1,160.00 $580.00
Zone 3:  $1,305.00 $652.50
Zone 4:  $1,405.00 $702.50
Zone 5: $1,555.00 $777.50
Zone 6:  $1,700.00 $850.00
Zone 7:  $1,800.00 $900.00
Zone 8:  $1,940.00 $970.00
Zone 9:  $2,030.00 $1,015.00
Zone 10:  $2,130.00 $1,065.00


Spring February-May (4 Month) Pass Pricing

Prices reflect fare increases that took effect July 2019.  

Pass Type Full Fare Four Month Pass

Harvard GSAS Subsidized Four Month Pass

Student Pays

Local Bus: $220.00 $110.00
Link Pass (local bus and subway): $360.00 $180.00
Inner Express Bus: $544.00 $272.00
Outer Express Bus: $672.00 $336.00
Zone 1A: $360.00 $180.00
Zone 1: $856.00 $428.00
Zone 2: $928.00 $464.00
Zone 3: $1,044.00 $522.00
Zone 4: $1,124.00 $562.00
Zone 5: $1,244.00 $622.00
Zone 6: $1,360.00 $680.00
Zone 7: $1,440.00 $720.00
Zone 8: $1,552.00 $776.00
Zone 9: $1,624.00 $812.00
Zone 10: $1,704.00 $852.00