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Parental Accommodation and Financial Support

Harvard Griffin GSAS offers students enrolled in PhD programs parental accommodation and financial support following a childbirth or adoption event.

Growing your family, especially as a graduate student, can feel overwhelming. To help, Harvard Griffin GSAS has developed the Parental Accommodation and Financial Support (PAFS) program for students of any gender enrolled in Harvard Griffin GSAS PhD programs who are anticipating a childbirth or adoption event.

Through PAFS, you will receive a one-time supplemental stipend and academic adjustments so that you can focus on welcoming your newest family member.

Interested in learning more? Review the PAFS policy at least four months before your expected due or adoption date. Students are not eligible to participate in PAFS after they have welcomed a child into their family.

You can also download a helpful checklist.


Email at least four months in advance of the anticipated birth or adoption event to discuss the options available.

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