The master’s degree in Regional Studies–Russia, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia (REECA) is a two-year program offering advanced training in the history, politics, culture, society, and languages of this region. The REECA master’s degree offers an excellent foundation for any career that requires broad area expertise, a high level of proficiency in at least one language of the region, and superb research, writing, and communication skills. REECA alumni pursue careers in a variety of fields, including government service, non-profit management, academia, and the private sector.

The REECA program is based at the Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies, which marshals a rich and diverse array of resources to advance the interdisciplinary study of this world region. The Davis Center’s 38 faculty associates, representing 11 disciplines at 5 Harvard schools, offer over 100 language and area studies courses each year. Harvard’s library and archival resources on the region are unmatched outside of Russia. The Davis Center hosts a full schedule of seminars, conferences, and special events that engage a dynamic and collegial scholarly community. In addition to the academic and extracurricular resources available through the Davis Center, REECA students enjoy access to superior financial aid, including academic year tuition grants and stipends, summer and academic year Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowships, and support for research travel and professional development.

Admissions Requirements

Admission to the REECA master’s program is highly selective and takes place in a single round of competition each year. Applicants are expected to demonstrate the potential for outstanding academic achievement at the graduate level and must present a superior undergraduate record, excellent academic references, high scores on the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) general test, a writing sample, and a compelling statement of purpose that makes clear how the REECA program fits in with their overall academic and/or career goals.

The most competitive applicants have completed substantial prior coursework in language and area studies of the region, especially history and the social sciences. Entering students should have completed the equivalent of at least three years of college-level study of Russian or another regional language. Experience in the region is highly desirable, whether studying abroad, working, or pursuing independent research.

For more information, visit the REECA program website. Program requirements are also found in GSAS Policies

Regional Studies–Russia, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia Faculty