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Edgar Barroso


EDGAR BARROSO, PhD ’14, music, is a member of the inaugural Society of Harvard Horizon Scholars. He has been invited by the United Nations as an international consultant, and a member of the expert groups for technological change, exponential, artificial intelligence, automation, and its policy implications to achieve the SDGs. He has served as an advisor to the Executive Committee in Futures and New Learning Trends for Talisis Holding. Barroso has forged a career as a composer and promoter of transdisciplinary methods. His works have received awards in Russia, Europe, Asia, North America, and Latin America. Similarly, Barroso has experience forming transdisciplinary teams and projects in business, science, art, entrepreneurship, and applied technology.

Currently, his work focuses on designing systems to face complex endeavors, transdisciplinary methods, and emerging technology for public transformation. He is professor, founder, and director of the Laboratory of Entrepreneurship and Transformation of the School of Government at Tecnológico de Monterrey. Additionally, he is the founder of Antena Labs, a tech company with public transformation purposes, and Casa Antena, a space for technological and community learning in Mexico.