GSAS is pleased to announce the 2019 Harvard Horizons Scholars, who have been selected by the Harvard Horizons Faculty Fellows as representatives of the extraordinary researchers who make up Harvard’s PhD community. These eight students form the seventh class of the Society of Horizons Scholars, a fellowship cohort that offers opportunities for long-lasting community, mentorship, and professional and academic growth. The scholars will receive in-depth mentoring on the art of effective presentation, preparing them for a campus-wide symposium on April 10, 2019, at 4:30 p.m. in Sanders Theatre.

Learn more about the work of Harvard Horizons Scholar Victoria Hwang on Veritalk

The 2019 Harvard Horizons Scholars

Matheus Fernandes

Matheus Fernandes, Applied Mathematics

Bio-Inspired Principles Learned from Glass Sea Sponges for Engineering Stronger Structures

Shuang Frost

Shuang Frost, Anthropology

The Moral Values of Platform-based Governance

Victoria Hwang

Victoria Hwang, Applied Physics

Understanding and Designing Structural Colors Inspired by Nature

Mateo Jarquin

Mateo Jarquín, History

Democracy and Its Discontents: A View from the Global South

Jess Kanwal

Jess Kanwal, Neuroscience

A Flavor of How the Brain Combines Taste and Smell

Caitlin Nichols

Caitlin Nichols, Biological and Biomedical Sciences

GEMINI Vulnerabilities: Bystander Genes as a Novel Class of Cancer Therapeutic Targets

Alexandra Schultz

Alexandra Schultz, The Classics

Imagined Histories: Hellenistic Libraries and the Idea of Greece

Daniel Walden

Daniel Walden, Music

Inventing a Musical Esperanto

Announcing the 2019 Harvard Horizons Scholars