The Office for Gender Equity also offers the community a confidential space for the entire Harvard community through its Sexual Harassment/Assault Resources & Education (SHARE) counselors. SHARE counselors are here to support individuals in processing experiences of interpersonal harm, including sexual assault, harassment, interpersonal partner violence, and stalking. Our staff also provides community engagement, educational initiatives, and preventative programming that strengthens individuals and our community in service of decreasing harm. 

All SHARE counselors are licensed clinicians or certified rape crisis or domestic violence counselors. All disclosures to SHARE are confidential and privileged, with few exceptions. This means that SHARE staff will not share information about your contact with SHARE without your written permission, except in the specific situations noted below. They will not reveal to anyone that you spoke to SHARE staff or engaged in or sought out services. 

The following are rare, but possible, exceptions to absolute confidentiality, as required by law:

  • If an individual signed a Release of Information Consent Form for specified individuals or agencies.
  • If there is a court order, signed by a duly appointed or elected judge, for release of SHARE’s records (subpoena).
  • If there is imminent danger to the individual or others (for example, suicide or homicide).
  • If the individual is suspected of abusing children or other vulnerable individuals, a report will be made to the appropriate state agency, as required by law. 

Please note the during an individual’s first appointment, a SHARE counselor will review confidentiality. 

For people who are seeking urgent support, regardless of when, the SHARE crisis hotline is available at +1 (617) 495-9100. It is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is confidential. During the summer months, SHARE hotline calls are forwarded to the Boston Rape Crisis Center (BARCC).