If you are interested in graduate study in political science, Harvard University’s Department of Government offers exceptional resources. Our dedication to excellence in all fields of political science and our encouragement of diverse approaches are evident in both our faculty and our curriculum. Scholars in the Department of Government pursue a wide variety of approaches to the study of politics.

Throughout your graduate education, you will have an opportunity to define and explore your own questions about politics and government. This original research can be greatly facilitated by the resources of the department and the University. Harvard has the largest university library in the world, together with an almost limitless array of research centers and institutes that bring together scholars and practitioners of government from around the globe. The resources of Harvard also include a generous financial aid program and the excitement of life in the Cambridge-Boston area.

Admissions Requirements

The department requires the submission of a writing sample. This should be a recent scholarly or critical paper double-spaced and, ordinarily, no more than 20 pages.

For the coordinated JD/PhD in law and political science, applicants must apply separately to each program and indicate in the application to the PhD program that a concurrent application has been submitted to the Harvard Law School.

More information is available from the Department of Government and GSAS Policies

Theses & Dissertations

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