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Michelle Soriano

Michelle Soriano, PhD '07

MICHELLE SORIANO, PhD ’07, biochemistry and molecular pharmacology, is the head of strategy & operations for the immunology franchise at Sanofi, based in Cambridge, MA. She received her BSc from Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Mexico’s first program in basic biomedical research allowing bachelor’s degree students. She has strong experience in strategic top management consulting from McKinsey & Company and in the pharma industry for vaccines, general medicine, and specialty care business units. She is now responsible for ensuring the execution of the franchise’s strategy, starting with mega-blockbuster Dupixent® (dupilumab) as the foundation and cornerstone of Sanofi’s future leadership in immunology among big pharma. She has lived and worked in Mexico as the Latin America Director at Sanofi Pasteur and in Paris as head of strategy for Europe, the US, and Japan regions at Sanofi. She is now based in Cambridge, MA, serving a global role at the company. Michelle is also involved in organizations across New England for women leaders in science, healthcare, and academy to harness growth opportunities and to develop strong and supportive relationships with other women, senior leaders, and young talent (New England Women in Science Executives [NEWISE] and Healthcare Businesswomen's Association [HBA]).