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Lisette Cooper


LISETTE COOPER, PhD ’87, geology, is vice-chair of Fiduciary Trust International and former CEO of Athena Capital Advisors. Lisette founded Athena Capital Advisors, an award-winning OCIO (outsourced Chief Investment Officer) and wealth management firm, which was sold to Fiduciary Trust International (FTI) in March 2020. She helped establish Athena Capital as one of the leaders in the field of sustainable and impact investing and continues to lead FTI and grow its presence in that area. In addition, Lisette oversees risk management for FTI and is on the Management Committee for its parent company, Franklin Templeton. She has appeared many times on national television and been widely quoted in news media. She holds the chartered financial analyst designation as well as several patents. Lisette is a board member of the Boston Youth Sanctuary, the Mind & Life Institute, and the Center for Healthy Minds Innovations, and sits on several other advisory boards. She is a former chair of the board of the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health. She is a mind and life fellow at the Mind & Life Institute and has served as an expert in residence at the Harvard Innovation Lab. Lisette received her undergraduate degree from Wesleyan University and a PhD from Harvard University.