John Moon, AB ’89, magna cum laude, PhD ’94, business economics, is a managing director and head of Morgan Stanley Energy Partners based in New York. Moon served as a senior member of the Morgan Stanley Private Equity team from 1998–2004 and then rejoined Morgan Stanley in 2008. Prior to his return to Morgan Stanley, Moon was a managing director of Riverstone Holdings LLC where he served on the Investment Committees of the Carlyle/Riverstone Global Energy & Power Funds. Prior to Riverstone, Moon was a founding partner and managing director of Metalmark Capital LLC. He currently chairs the Investment Committee of the North Haven Energy Capital Fund.  He has also served as a member of the Investment Committees of several Morgan Stanley Capital Partners and Metalmark Capital Partners funds and on the boards of directors of a number of affiliated portfolio companies. Prior to joining Morgan Stanley in 1998, Moon worked in the Investment Banking Division of Goldman Sachs in New York. Moon is also an adjunct professor of finance at Columbia University Business School.