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John J. Moon

John Moon

JOHN J. MOON, AB ’89, AM ’93, PhD ’94, business economics, is a managing director and head of Morgan Stanley Energy Partners. He served as a senior member of the Morgan Stanley Private Equity team from 1998–2004 and then rejoined Morgan Stanley in 2008 after serving as a managing director of Riverstone Holdings LLC, where he served on the investment committees of the Carlyle/Riverstone Global Energy & Power Funds. Prior to Riverstone, Moon was a founding partner and managing director of Metalmark Capital LLC. He currently chairs the investment committee of the North Haven Energy Capital Fund. He has also served as a member of the investment committees of several Morgan Stanley Capital Partners and Metalmark Capital Partners funds and on the boards of directors of a number of affiliated portfolio companies. Previously, Moon worked in the Investment Banking Division of Goldman Sachs. He is also an adjunct professor of finance at Columbia Business School.