Achieving financial wellness in graduate school is a collaborative process between students, their departments, and GSAS administrators. The GSAS Office of Financial Aid is here to support students in making healthy financial decisions.

Every GSAS student’s financial situation is unique. For this reason, financial aid officers at GSAS specialize in supporting students from specific programs. We always recommend reaching out to your financial aid officer with questions instead of relying on information from your fellow students.

Getting Help from Your Financial Aid Officer

To request a meeting with your financial aid officer, email them or contact Examples of financial wellness topics that you may wish to bring up with your financial aid officer include:

  • your funding package and your Notice of Financial Support
  • financial aid policies
  • options for loans or resources for additional funding
  • the compensation structure for research assistants and teaching fellows 
  • expenses and budgeting
  • financial planning before, during, or after a major life event (such as the birth or adoption of a child or taking a medical leave of absence).

Other Resources for Financial Wellness

Below are resources that can help you create your own financial wellness plan. All links will direct you to resources outside of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Please be aware that some information on these sites may not be applicable to your personal financial situation. If you visit these websites, you will be subject to their terms of service and privacy policies.


  • Read an article about planning your budget from GreenPath Financial Wellness.
  • Read an article about how to avoid common budgeting mistakes from GreenPath Financial Wellness.
  • Learn about creating a budget from Harvard University Student Financial Services.
  • Use a worksheet from Harvard GSAS’s Office of Admissions and Financial Aid to plan your monthly budget:



Debt Management

Additional Resources