Alumni Ambassadors

GSAS Ambassadors are alumni appointed by the GSAA Council to advance the mutual welfare of GSAS and its alumni and students by:

  • Promoting and elevating the stature of GSAS within the alumni and student community through programming and serving on relevant task forces;
  • Providing opportunities for alumni to remain connected to GSAS and to serve the University;
  • Advising advanced GSAS students and recent GSAS alumni on career planning and serving as mentors;
  • Participating in GSAS Welcomes, our annual orientation events, and hosting an opening reception for new GSAS students;
  • Encouraging life-long learning, intellectual enrichment, professional growth, and social interaction through forums of continuing education and development;
  • Serving as a liaison on behalf of GSAS to their local Harvard Club or a Harvard Alumni Association Shared Interest Group; and
  • Attracting the world’s most talented individuals to GSAS and talking with applicants to GSAS who have not yet decided where to enroll for graduate school.


Register for the Firsthand Advisers platform, where you can provide students and fellow alumni with a burst of expertise through “flash mentoring” activities.

Flash mentoring can include:

  • Career chats (30-minute time commitment);
  • Resume reviews/CV critiques (60-minute time commitment);
  • Practice interviews, e.g. behavioral, technical, or case (60-minute time commitment).

Share tips on how to navigate the job market, leverage skills developed through a GSAS master’s or PhD program, and craft a resume that showcases talents and achievements.

Virtual Coffee Program

Engage and share your advice with current GSAS students through the GSAS Virtual Coffee program. This is an informal opportunity for students to “ask alumni anything,” and for alumni to help students make the most of their graduate experience by:

  • Imparting strategies for talking with their advisor;
  • Providing insight into different career paths;
  • Discussing an aspect of their scholarship and research;
  • Sharing your journey at and after Harvard.

Sign up today and take advantage of virtual connectivity to meet with a student regardless of your proximity to Cambridge. 

Alumni Council

Contribute your time and talent in service to GSAS as a member of the Graduate School Alumni Association Council. The GSAA Council consists of 42 members committed to advancing the interests of GSAS students and alumni. Through biannual meetings, the Council develops outreach plans, considers student life activities, and nominates fellow alumni for GSAS’s highest alumni award, The Centennial Medal.

Council members serve three-year terms, renewable by a re-nomination process, and commit to attending two Council meetings in Cambridge in the fall and spring.

Nominations for Council

Nominate outstanding alumni to serve on the council by contacting the GSAA with an explanation of why candidates merit selection. Typically, members have achieved success or distinction in their careers and have made significant contributions through community service. Submissions are reviewed by the Nominations Committee of the GSAA Council, with terms beginning in July. Nominations are considered on a rolling basis, so there is no formal deadline, but terms start July 1 of each year.