Combined Degree Programs

While students cannot be enrolled in more than one Harvard School at a time*, GSAS enables PhD students to coordinate their studies to earn a JD from Harvard Law School through the JD/PhD program or an MD from Harvard Medical School through the MD/PhD program. Students enrolled in the MS/MBA program earn an MBA from Harvard Business School in addition to the master of science.

Students must follow the GSAS registration and enrollment policies while studying toward their PhD or master’s degree.

*See MS/MBA programs below for exceptions to this policy.

JD/PhD Coordinated Program

Students completing the JD/PhD Coordinated Program receive a JD from Harvard Law School (HLS) and a PhD from GSAS. Prospective students must apply to and be separately admitted to HLS and GSAS before applying to participate. The program is also open to current GSAS PhD students who have the support of their GSAS academic department and advisor.

PhD students who wish to explore the program are encouraged to contact Shelby Johnson, GSAS assistant director of student affairs at

MD/PhD Program

Students in the MD/PhD Program normally follow a “2-4-2” model, completing two years at HMS, followed by four or more years as a GSAS PhD student conducting dissertation research. After defending their theses, students return to HMS for two more years to complete their MD. While studying at HMS, students receive an adjustment to their G-year.

MD/PhD students who are ready to begin their PhD studies should follow the GSAS registration and enrollment policies.

MS/MBA Programs

GSAS partners with the Harvard Business School (HBS) on two joint degree programs that confer an MBA from HBS and a master of science from GSAS:

Both are full-time, two-year programs. Students are required to register full-time in both Schools for the duration of the program and complete both years and all MS/MBA degree program requirements. Upon completion, students will be eligible to receive a master of business administration as well as a master of science.

  • The degrees must be conferred concurrently.
  • Once enrolled in an MS/MBA program, no student will be allowed to earn the master of science or master of business administration as a standalone degree.


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