From the lab to the archive, from academia to public service, GSAS students and alumni are making discoveries and contributing new knowledge.

Jeffrey Teigler has long been fascinated by the interface between virology and immunology. He initially came to Harvard to try to understand how viruses such as SARS and bird flu cross the species barrier to infect humans, and why some people become...Read more
Ten years after the completion of the Human Genome Project, says Aaron Kuan, the real promise of genomics—personalized medicine based on an individual’s unique DNA makeup—has yet to be fulfilled. “When people think of sequencing, they sometimes...Read more
Among the skills useful to scholars conducting archival research is an ability to recognize serendipitous opportunities when they come. When Hansun Hsiung first scoured the archives of the Tokugawa shogunate that ruled Japan from 1600 to 1868, he...Read more
For Stephanie Dick, the path to a dissertation on the history of mathematics and computing began, unexpectedly, with the Epic of Gilgamesh. As an undergraduate, she was convinced she wanted to study political science and become a lawyer, until a...Read more
Around the time that Liz Maynes-Aminzade was crafting a prospectus for her dissertation on nineteenth-century British literature, the last season of The Wire had just finished ushering in a new golden age of television on HBO. And she was hooked. “I...Read more
When it comes to unlocking the secrets of the brain, there is strength in numbers, as Fenna Krienen’s work on the human connectome shows. Connectomics — a word and concept modeled on genomics — represents a new kind of cartography, an attempt to...Read more
When a Fulbright scholarship brought Alex Fattal to Bogotá, Colombia, after college, he founded a nonprofit organization to teach photography to children affected by the armed conflict between the government and guerrilla groups such as the FARC and...Read more
His parents’ and teachers’ well-intentioned encouragement to decide on a specific field early in his studies had the opposite effect on composer Edgar Barroso. When he arrived at Harvard in 2007, with a BA in music composition from Guanajuato...Read more
Sarah Rugheimer wasn’t looking for a career in astronomy. Born into a family of physicists, as a girl she sat her father down to deliver some difficult news: she wasn’t going to take a single class in physics. Bored by an accounting class, though,...Read more
In the Israeli army, Danny Orbach was a very obedient soldier. But he was curious about those less obedient, and how they always seemed to be able to talk their way out of any consequences. Once, he watched a fellow soldier kick a hole in the wall...Read more