Graduate Student Groups and Departmental Graduate Student Organizations greatly enhance the graduate student experience by providing opportunities to connect with a community of students who share common interests and goals. Whether those interests are related to culture, sports, or advocacy, these groups enable students to engage in activities that promote personal growth, develop leadership skills, and build community.


The GSAS Harvard Biotechnology Club is a student organization that hosts events and providesMore
This journal, run by Harvard graduate students, publishes original research by middle and high school students.More
GSAS Open Labs At Harvard is a graduate student group that simultaneously develops communicationMore
The Harvard Drone Club at GSAS (HDC) is an organization for enthusiastic drone lovers that seeks toMore
The Harvard GSAS Science Policy Group is focused on the intersection of science and policy.More
Harvard Vegan Studies at GSAS brings together students who have both academic and personal interestMore
Science in the News (SITN) bridges the communication gap between scientists and non-scientists byMore


Bike Harvard: GSAS is dedicated to the goal of making bicycling safe, fun, and accessible toMore
The GSAS Residence Halls are a great place to live while at Harvard. The Harvard UniversityMore
The Harvard Graduate Student Council (GSC) represents graduate students in academic, administrativeMore
The GSAS Action Coalition is a graduate student organization that is committed to taking action onMore
The purpose of the Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Effective Altruism (HGSASEA) is toMore
The Harvard Graduate Women in Science and Engineering (HGWISE) is a graduate student organizationMore
The Harvard GSAS Student-Parents Organization aims to enrich the academic experience and provideMore


The Harvard Big Data Association in GSAS is dedicated to promoting interest in data analysisMore
The Harvard GSAS Business Club is dedicated to maintaining a vibrant and connected community ofMore
Harvard Graduate Consulting Club (HGCC) provides graduate students with a better understanding ofMore


The Harvard Korea Society brings together Korean students from the Harvard community to advance theMore
The Harvard Chinese Students and Scholars Association (HCSSA) is dedicated to promoting social,More
The Harvard Club Francophone: A GSAS Student Association (HCF GSAS) is dedicated to providing anMore
The Harvard East Asia Society promotes the study of East Asia within the Harvard community andMore
The Harvard GSAS Graduate Student Canadian Club (HGSCC) is dedicated to providing services to theMore
The Harvard GSAS Iranian Student Association is dedicated to increasing awareness and understandingMore
Harvard GSAS Singaporean and Malaysian Association promotes social, intellectual, and culturalMore
Harvard GSAS Taiwanese Student Association is a student organization dedicated to sharing a warmMore
GSAS Harvard Visual China is dedicated to promoting Chinese and broader East Asian visual culture,More

Departmental Graduate Student Organizations

The AAA Graduate Student Forum provides a once-monthly space for graduate students in theMore
The American Studies Junto is a Graduate Student Organization in the Program in American Studies.More
The AstroGrad Network (AGN) facilitates social events and professional development programs forMore
The BPH Data Club shares and talks science with students in the PhD Program in Biological SciencesMore
The Comparative Literature Liaison Committee represents graduate student interests in theMore
The Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures (EALC) Social Committee brings togetherMore
The Harvard Earth and Planetary Sciences' GeoClub organizes and leads academic, social, and otherMore
The Germanic Circle provides a forum for graduate students to share and develop their research onMore
The Graduate and Postdoc Council of the Chemistry & Chemical Biology Department represents andMore
The Graduate Music Forum provides an informal setting for graduate students in the music departmentMore
The Harvard Buddhist Studies Forum (HBSF) promotes high-level scholarly interaction, serving theMore
Our goals are twofold: primarily, we strive to create an environment conducive to communityMore
The Harvard Middle Eastern Cultural Association (HMECA) seeks to foster a greater understanding andMore
The History Graduate Student Association is a social organization and advocacy group dedicated toMore
The John Duffy Society promotes the interests of graduate students in the Department of ClassicsMore
Knap Time provides a forum for a variety of disciplines--including anthropology, archaeology, andMore
The Philosophy Department Graduate Organization is an organization aimed at promoting the interestsMore
The goal of the PGSC is to facilitate improvements in the Physics graduate program.More
The Romance Languages Graduate Student Association (RLGSA) is a group which seeks to give studentsMore
The School of Engineering and Applied Sciences Graduate Council ( SEAS -GC) provides an opportunityMore
The Harvard SEAS Photonics Club is a student-run organization whose mission is to educate studentsMore
The Sociology Graduate Student Organization is a student-run organization serving graduate studentsMore
The goal of this organization is to gather SHBT students in a collaborative and communicativeMore
The Association of PhD students in Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Urban Planning atMore


The objective of GSAS Minority Biomedical Scientists of Harvard (MBSH) is to meet the careerMore
Harvard GSAS Latinx Student Association is an interdisciplinary organization committed to buildingMore
LGBTQ@GSAS provides a community and safe space for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queerMore
Since its formation in 1983, the W. E. B. Du Bois Graduate Society has worked to create inclusiveMore


The GSAS Anlin Taichi Wudao Association is an organization based in traditional Asian culture andMore
The GSAS Harvard Argentine Tango Society (HATS) studies the diffusion of Argentine culture throughMore
VoiceLab is Harvard’s premiere graduate a cappella group, providing a unique opportunity forMore
The Harvard Dragon Boat Team promotes the sport of dragon boating, a team-based racing sport thatMore
The Harvard GSAS Taekwondo Club provides graduate students with a group where they can learn andMore
Harvard Swing Dance Society in GSAS is dedicated to promoting vernacular jazz dancing and swingMore


Harvard GSAS Asian Baptist Student Koinonia is concerned with religious, social, and culturalMore
The Harvard GSAS Catholic Graduate Student Association provides an opportunity for CatholicMore
Harvard GSAS Christian Community is a group of Christian graduate students who come together toMore