Harvard students, faculty, staff, other Harvard appointees, or third parties* may visit the Office for Dispute Resolution (ODR) to request information or advice (including on whether conduct may violate the policy), seek informal resolution, or file a formal complaint. ODR investigates sexual and gender-based misconduct complaints against Harvard students, staff, and faculty members, as well as third parties in association with Harvard programs or activities. Part of the Office of the Provost, ODR serves the entire Harvard community and is staffed by expert, impartial investigators. Investigators interview the parties to the complaint and witnesses, review other evidence, make findings of fact using the “preponderance of the evidence” standard, determine whether there has been a violation of the policy, and turn their reports over to the appropriate officials at the School or unit for considering the imposition of sanctions.

*Concerns regarding Harvard Business School or Harvard Law School faculty members should be addressed to those respective Schools.