Get involved with GSAS Student Center Athletics! Join an intramural sports team (there are many), compete in special tournaments for Straus Cup glory, or come along on a fun sports-related outing. Past favorites include bike rides to Walden Pond, kayaking on the Charles River, and rock-climbing at Brooklyn Boulders. Please contact the Athletics Fellows if you have an idea for a fun event!

Intramural Athletics and Special Tournaments

GSAS members compete in various intramural sports and special tournaments against the undergraduate houses at Harvard to win the Straus Cup. This year will be a bridge year as we transition GSAS Student Center Athletics from House system.  GSAS (formerly Dudley House) won the Straus Cup for the very first time in Spring 2014!

Join one or more of our teams to help us continue GSAS’s quest for glory. Teams include flag football, soccer, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, basketball, tennis, rowing, and softball. Annual events include Charles River runs, innertube water polo, a badminton tournament, a climbing competition, dodgeball, table tennis tournament, swim meet, and fencing meet. You may participate in as many different sports as you like during the year. It is not necessary to be 'good' at a sport in order to play — the important thing is to have fun, and the emphasis is on participation — any assistance in organizing, coaching, or captaining a team is always welcome.

Club Sports

GSAS students are also welcome to play in Harvard’s club sports. Club sports are run by student groups independent of the GSAS Student Center. They are generally university-wide organizations, and often offer the chance to compete against other universities.  Again, the commitment and skill level varies — in general all are welcome to join, but some clubs also take part in high-level competitions.  Further information, including the most current list of club sports, is available on the Club Sports page of, the official Harvard Athletics site.

The 2020-21 Athletics Fellows are Gino Domel, Maleah Fekete and Ian Hunt-Isaak.

GSAS Student Center Athletics Events