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Hardship Funding

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At the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, we understand that an emergency can cause significant stress and uncertainty, impacting your academic success and personal well-being. Students who experience financial hardship as the result of an emergency are encouraged to connect with the Office of Financial Aid. The financial aid staff can provide guidance and advice in navigating available resources.


Hardship funding can provide relief for a variety of circumstances students may encounter that cannot be reasonably resolved through loans or personal resources. These expenses include but are not limited to costs associated with:

  • Medical or dental emergencies
  • Family emergencies
  • Natural disasters
  • Residential fires or floods

More Information

To learn more about hardship funding and to connect with support, email your Financial Aid Officer. For circumstances that may not qualify for hardship funding, student loans may be an option. Your financial aid officer can provide additional information.

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Request for Hardship Funding

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