Policy Amendments

Below is a list of recently amended policies (you can find more information on each policy page).​

  • An adjustment of one year can be made to the department G-year for GSAS students whose academic progress has been impacted by COVID-19. These changes must be emailed by your department administrator or DGS to the Office of Student Affairs. G-Year adjustments are not accompanied by additional funding, but are aimed at providing students more time to meet academic deadlines/milestones, by delaying them one year, such as [Amended May 18, 2020]: 

    • In dept X "general exams should be taken at the end of the third year.” A student in Registrar G4 (cumulative-time), who has been adjusted to a Departmental G3, will have approximately one extra year to complete their general exams.

    • In dept Y, students "must submit their prospectus by the end of their G4 year.” A student in Registrar G5 (cumulative-time), who has been adjusted to a Departmental G4, will have approximately one extra year to submit their prospectus. 

  • GSAS is launching an Emergency Support Initiative, with targeted measures designed to help PhD students overcome academic disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. [Amended May 1, 2020]

  • Electronic signatures from committee members are acceptable on the dissertation completion certificate (DAC).  [Amended April 27, 2020]