Mia de Kuijper, MPP ’83, PhD ’83 economics, is the Senior Vice President and Strategy Advisor at Salesforce. Mia has successfully built and run companies and academic institutions. Her previous global corporate leadership positions have been at Royal Dutch Shell, PepsiCo, and AT&T, and she has been a Senior Managing Director on Wall Street with careers at CSFirst Boston and Morgan Stanley. Mia has also been a consultant at McKinsey and Bain. She has worked extensively in India, Brazil, Europe, as well as the US. She speaks Dutch, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, and very basic Bangla and Chinese. She is the author of Profit Power Economics: A New Competitive Strategy for Creating Sustainable Wealth, published by Oxford University Press. She advises and writes about Scenario Strategy, disruptive technologies and developments in AI and data science, and about the consequences for effective management, business models, and investment strategies. She earned her PhD at Harvard in Economics, with joint degrees and programs at the Harvard Business School and Kennedy School of Government. She has been a Fellow at Churchill College, Cambridge University and a Fellow of the LSE. She has served as the Chair of Harvard’s Graduate School Alumni Association, and is an HAA Appointed Director. She has for several years been an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the Harvard i-Lab, and has mentored students and recent graduates of the Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences in unlocking their fullest career potential.