John E Rielly, PhD ’61, political science, is an adjunct professor of political science at Northwestern University. From 2003 to 2016, he served as a Visiting Professor in the Graduate School of International Relations at the University of California San Diego.  In August 2001, he retired as President of the Chicago Council on Foreign Relations, a position he held for three decades. Rielly served in the US Department of State in the Kennedy administration and later as the Foreign Policy Assistant to Senator and Vice President Hubert Humphrey. He serves on the editorial board of Foreign Policy Quarterly and has published articles in Foreign Policy, The New York Times, Europa Archiv, The Chicago Tribune, and other journals. He served from 2005–2011 as an appointed director of the Harvard Alumni Association and currently serves on the Board of the American Ditchley Foundation and the BMW Center for European Studies at Georgetown University. Beginning in March 2018 he will be in residence at Clare Hall, Cambridge University, as a Visiting Fellow.