Gyuri Karady, PhD ’80, applied sciences, is an active angel investor. He currently serves as the Director of Strategy of CryptTalk, the secure, peer-to-peer mobile voice calling, conference calling and IM service developed by Arenim Technologies. Karady is also a Director of Allpacka, a parcel delivery comparison website. In addition, as Managing Director of Courtfield Associates, he advises Central European businesses on their fundraising strategy. Prior to Courtfield, he headed up the international investments of Astorg Partners, a Paris based, France-focused buy-out fund. In the late 90s Karady was one of the founders of Baring Corilius Private Equity, the investment adviser of the Baring Central European Fund. He has been working in the Central European region since 1991, when he joined the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) at its foundation. At the start of his professional career, Karady was a business strategy consultant in the US and later in France.