Abe Lowenthal, AB ’61, MPA ’64, and PhD ’71, government, is professor emeritus of international relations at the University of Southern California and president emeritus of the Pacific Council on International Policy. He was the founding chief executive of three institutions: The Latin American Program at the Woodrow Wilson Center (1977–1983), the Inter-American Dialogue (1982–1992) and the Pacific Council (1995–2005), and currently serves as a board member of the Leo Baeck Institute. Lowenthal has published 18 books, including three single-authored volumes, more than 100 journal articles, including eight in Foreign Affairs, and more than 200 newspaper pieces published in the US and abroad. His research has focused on Latin America, US-Latin American relations, democratic governance, and California’s global role. His most recent books are Scholars, Policymakers and International Affairs: Finding Common Cause and Democratic Transitions: Conversations with World Leaders, both published by Johns Hopkins University Press. The latter has appeared in Arabic, French, Spanish, Dutch and Myanmar (Burmese) and will soon be out in Portuguese and Vietnamese. He is currently writing a book on “Rethinking US–Latin America Relations in an Age of Profound Transformations.”