July 14, 2020
Dear GSAS Students, I know that you share my relief and happiness at the news President Bacow shared below regarding the United States government’s withdrawal of a directive that would have prevented international students from staying in the... Read More
February 7, 2019
PhD candidate Chrystel Oloukoi explores the ways that race, gender, and class shape the nightlife culture in Johannesburg and Lagos. In Johannesburg, developers have created a "safer" nightlife district in the heart of the city, but... Read More
August 21, 2018
This story originally appeared on the website of the University of Cambridge . The University of Cambridge recently had the pleasure of hosting the 9th Herchel Smith Symposium between Cambridge and Harvard PhD research students. The event took place... Read More
March 1, 2017
Read more about University efforts to assist international students. Soon after it was announced that President Donald Trump had signed a controversial executive order restricting entry of individuals into the US from seven countries, Harvard began... Read More
September 22, 2016
Somewhere along the A2 in Kazakhstan, their plans changed. GSAS students Benny Shaffer and Justin Stern, and GSD visiting PhD Fellow Xiaoxuan Lu, MLA ’12, had sketched out a project back in Cambridge that would study the impact of the 1,100 mile... Read More
January 12, 2016
For Yifei Shi, academic discovery was far from her mind when she visited the Harvard-Yenching Library for a routine course assignment. A master’s student in the Regional Studies–East Asia program, Shi was looking for a monograph written by the... Read More
October 6, 2015
“Applying to Harvard took courage as in some sense it was a shot in the dark for me,” says PhD candidate and Brazilian native Suzane de Sá. “But it was the happiest shot in the dark of my life.” De Sá is one of... Read More
February 3, 2014
Harvard PhD students from Mexico lead outreach efforts back home, encouraging others to follow their lead When GSAS students from Mexico get together, says Rogelio Hernandez-Lopez, a PhD candidate in chemical physics, the conversation seems to... Read More