July 20, 2016
How New Research in Cell Reprogramming Holds Hope for Type 1 Diabetes Treatment
February 5, 2016
Throughout our history, human beings have sorted themselves into groups. From bands of hunters to citizens of nation states, from tribes to political parties, human history is a story of groups. But why did groups form in the first place? “There are...
January 29, 2016
​When they first began their science careers, neither Phillips Professor of Astronomy Dimitar Sasselov nor sixth-year graduate student Elisabeth Newton intended to search for extraterrestrial life—but that is exactly what they are both doing today...
January 12, 2016
For Yifei Shi, academic discovery was far from her mind when she visited the Harvard-Yenching Library for a routine course assignment. A master’s student in the Regional Studies–East Asia program, Shi was looking for a monograph written by the...
August 11, 2015
How GSAS programs help level the playing field in graduate studies, academia, and beyond
January 28, 2015
Blythe George plans to leverage her Yurok background and Harvard education to advocate for better public policy relating to Native American reservations. As anyone who’s seen a John Ford film will tell you, in the popular imagination, Native...
January 24, 2015
How a connection between Harvard’s faculty of arts and sciences and the Uffizi gallery helps graduate students make great discoveries.
December 4, 2014
One student’s take on the interdisciplinary nature of religious study
July 26, 2012
Daria Van Tyne bends over a crimson disc, her gloved hand swinging the tip of a pipette in circles to agitate a mixture of substrate and human blood that fills the petri dish. It’s not apparent, but she’s a foot soldier in a war that has been raging...
June 27, 2011
Growing up on the east side of Manhattan, Adam Cohen didn’t have a typical upbringing. He didn’t have a functioning TV, for one. Instead, he lugged home broken TVs, along with computers and microwaves he had found in garbage bins, and took them...