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Three pictures showing the phases of brain during research

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Colloquy Podcast: Why We’re Obese—and What We Can Do about It

Public health expert Sara Bleich, PhD ’07, says it’s time to deal with obesity as the urgent crisis that it is and that the disease is largely preventable but to make progress, the country must deal with persistent inequities in the healthcare system—and the structural racism that underlies them.

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Notes From a Writer's Desk: What is “Done”?

As with writing, painters paint for different reasons—sometimes for practice, sometimes to test out ideas, sometimes for a commission, and sometimes to express something vital through their art. 

Study for Seated Figures for "El Jaleo"
Sargent, John Singer. Study for Seated Figures for “El Jaleo,” Oil on canvas, 1882, (Harvard Art Museums collections online).
Harvard Art Museums/Fogg Museum, Bequest of Grenville L. Winthrop

Beyond the Grave

Éadaoin Harney is a scientist at 23andMe, a biotechnology company that provides direct-to-consumer DNA testing services.

Site of Catoctin Furnace in Cunningham Falls State Park, Maryland.
Site of Catoctin Furnace in Cunningham Falls State Park, Maryland.
Aneta Kaluzna

Soft Robots Help Shoulder the Burden

Specializing in wearable robotics, PhD student Connor McCann focuses on developing assistive devices, particularly a soft wearable robot designed to aid shoulder joint movement.

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