January 8, 2020
GSAS is pleased to announce the 2020 Harvard Horizons Scholars, who have been selected by the Harvard Horizons Faculty Fellows as representatives of the extraordinary researchers who make up Harvard’s PhD community. These eight students form the... Read More
May 13, 2019
This story was originally posted on the website of the Office of Technology Development. Ever wondered how university innovations start the journey toward becoming products that the world can use? Very often, at Harvard, graduate students and... Read More
May 7, 2019
Each year, departments nominate their top teaching fellows for the Derek C. Bok Award for Excellence in Graduate Student Teaching of Undergraduates.Read More
May 7, 2019
As a PhD student in government, Angie Bautista-Chavez specializes in American politics and international relations.Read More
May 7, 2019
Over the past three years, Mariel has served as a teaching fellow for “Human Evolution and Human Health,” “Evolutionary Human Physiology and Anatomy,” and “Human Evolutionary Anatomy.”Read More
May 7, 2019
An outstanding teacher across a broad range of levels and subjects, David Thorstad has excelled as a teaching fellow for logic courses in the Department of Philosophy that are notoriously hard to teach.Read More
May 7, 2019
“Garth is one of the most accomplished and dedicated TFs our department has seen in recent years,” says Department Chair Mahzarin Banaji.Read More
May 7, 2019
“Simply put,” says Professor of Sociology Jocelyn S. Viterna, “Miguel Quintana Navarrete is one of the best teaching fellows that we have ever had the pleasure of employing in sociology.”Read More
February 21, 2019
This panel discussion was held on November 29, 2018, and included: Kristin Perkins, PhD ’17, Social Policy; Dominika Kruszewska, PhD Candidate in Government; Gregory Darwin , PhD Candidate in Celtic Languages and Literatures; Marianne Potvin,... Read More
February 11, 2019
The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS) Office of Diversity and Minority Affairs has added two new diversity and inclusion fellows.Read More