This fall, Dean Emma Dench launched a new GSAS tradition: Tea with the Dean. Twice per term, GSAS students are invited to take a break from the lab or the library and enjoy a spot of Earl Grey and a scone. Dean Dench hopes that this event will help foster community at GSAS and allow her to meet students from across Harvard's many disicplines.

Four students surround Dean Emma Dench, all hold teacups

Dean Emma Dench greets students at the inaugural Tea with the Dean.

Two students hold white teacups, one dunks a teabag into her cup.

Students at the event represented a wide range of programs, from Biological Sciences in Public Health to Chemistry and Chemical Biology to Sociology.

Student in red sweater converses with Dean Dench over tea

Students were able to speak with Dean Dench one-on-one.

Two students hold tea cups and talk with Leslie Kress, from the Office of the Dean

The event was also an opportunity for students from different programs to get to know one another.


Tea with the Dean