GSAS Announces Enhanced Parental Benefit for Graduate Students

Graduate students who are expecting or adopting a child will receive double the existing Parental Accommodation and Financial Support (PAFS) going forward, the GSAS announced today.

“We recognize and understand the pressures facing graduate students as they become new parents. From that understanding, and through collaboration with students, came the original Parental Accommodation and Financial Support program,” says Garth McCavana, dean for student affairs. “Our goal is to provide graduate students more help at this important time for them, their children, and their families.”

In addition to doubling the stipend from $3,100 to $6,200, GSAS is increasing the amount of time off that new parents can elect to take and adding a flexible component. With these changes, graduate students can take the equivalent of 12 weeks off (increased from six weeks) and use this time off when needed over the course of a year and not only in one block.

Instituted in fall 2013, PAFS was introduced in direct response to student feedback and advocacy. During the 2015–2016 academic year, GSAS distributed more than $150,000 to graduate student parents.

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Parental Benefit for Graduate Students