The Harvard Integrated Life Sciences (HILS) hosted a welcome dinner for new graduate students as part of the September 2018 GSAS Welcomes events. HILS brings together students from 14 life sciences PhD programs and subject areas across four Harvard faculties—Harvard University Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health, Harvard Medical School, and Harvard School of Dental Medicine—facilitating cross-disciplinary academic and research collaboration and hosting opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to engage.

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A group of students gathered around a table smile at the camera.

First-year graduate students gathered at the Gutman Conference Center in Cambridge for a welcome dinner hosted by HILS.

Sheila Thomas stands at a podium, addressing gathered students

Sheila Thomas, PhD, GSAS dean for academic programs and diversity, encouraged the students to engage across disciplines and programs.

Emma Dench holds a microphone, and stands in between tables addressing seated students.

GSAS Dean Emma Dench spoke with students about the importance of balancing work with other activities, sharing how she relaxes by watching horror movies.

Four people face the camera and smile, the two on the left hold beverages

Professor Dyann Wirth, Richard Pearson Strong Professor of Infectious Diseases and HILS Coordinating Committee Chair, posed with HILS students (left to right: Hannah Smith, Biological Sciences in Public Health; Daniel Henthorn, Molecular and Cellular Biology; and Harim (Harry) Won, Biological Sciences in Public Health).

Dyann Worth (standing) high fives a seated student.

Professor Wirth spoke with students after welcoming them and sharing her own path to discovering her scientific passion.

Woman standing smiling at the camera, holding up an umbrella and notebook

Yixuan He (Biological and Biomedical Sciences) won a GSAS umbrella and a notebook during the raffle. 



HILS Celebrates New Year, New PhD Students

Photos by Molly Akin