GSAS is pleased to announce several significant enhancements to the standard funding packages offered to PhD students in FAS-based humanities and social science programs (see list of affected departments below). These modifications are a direct result of student and faculty feedback gathered over the past year from student comments to their financial aid officers, student listening tours, and program faculty meetings. These policy enhancements go into effect immediately and apply to all funding originally scheduled to be disbursed in academic year 2016–2017 or later.

Students whose funding packages include four semesters of guaranteed teaching are no longer restricted to using that guaranteed funding in the G3 and G4 years.
Students will now have until the end of the G6 year to use their four semesters of guaranteed teaching. Students will be asked to confirm their intention to utilize their guaranteed teaching fellowship, via the GSAS Student Aid Portal, in late spring for the upcoming academic year. Any changes to this intention will need to be made one month prior to the start of each semester.

Students whose funding packages include G5 tuition/health fee support are no longer restricted to using that funding in the G5 year.
The fifth year of tuition/health fee coverage will now be applied to the student’s first two semesters in residence after eligibility for guaranteed teaching ends. This funding may now be used up until the end of the G7 year.

Effective October 1, 2016, teaching fellows eligible for the teaching supplement (i.e. the “TF top-up”) will receive these funds in monthly disbursements over the course of the semester.
Starting with the spring 2017 semester, the teaching supplement will be disbursed in monthly installments, paid at the beginning of the month, starting with the first month of the semester. For fall 2016 only, the monthly installments will start with a double installment in early October, and regular monthly installments thereafter.

Students receiving a teaching supplement may earn up to $3,000 from additional teaching/research each semester without any reduction to that semester’s supplement.
While the original intention of the teaching supplement was to ensure that GSAS students with guaranteed teaching are funded at the same level as graduate students in the G1 and G2 years, the program had the unintended consequence of disincentivizing additional service in roles such as tutorial leader and undergraduate thesis adviser. Under the new policy, only payments in excess of $3,000 in a single semester will trigger a dollar-for-dollar reduction to the top-up.

Your financial aid officer will be happy to discuss how these changes may impact your particular situation. For full details about these changes, including related terms and conditions, refer to the financial aid section of the GSAS Student Handbook.

Departments affected by package enhancements
African & African American Studies
American Studies
Celtic Languages and Literatures
Comparative Literature
East Asian Languages and Civilizations*
Film and Visual Studies
Germanic Languages and Literatures
History of Art and Architecture
History of Science
Human Evolutionary Biology
Inner Asian and Altaic Studies
Middle Eastern Studies
Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations
Romance Languages and Literatures
Slavic Languages and Literatures
Social Policy
South Asian Studies

*For students in East Asian Languages and Civilizations, the standard funding package includes two sections of guaranteed teaching for three terms during the G3/G4 years.

GSAS Implements Enhancements to Funding Packages

Photo by Anibal Martel