GSAS has announced that the GSAS Fellowships Office and the Center for Writing and Communicating Ideas will merge to form the Fellowships & Writing Center (FWC).

The FWC will provide the same services currently available to students but with greater flexibility and reach that is critical for student success. While a student seeking fellowships support will still connect with a fellowships specialist who understands the larger surround of financial aid, they will also be able to work with other specialists on their writing, whether in the context of composing a fellowship proposal, working on a dissertation chapter, or preparing an article for publication.

“This new structure will provide enhanced support for students by combining these two resources into a nimble and integrated unit that builds on connections within GSAS and with the many additional resources that benefit GSAS students,” says Noël Bisson, assistant dean of academic programs for GSAS, who is overseeing the unit while a search for a director of the Fellowships & Writing Center is conducted. “Through the FWC, staff will be able to respond to student need in a more coordinated way while also developing more effective joint programming for departmental outreach that will benefit many more of our students.”

The FWC will coordinate with GSAS financial aid officers and staff of the Office of Student Affairs, as well as continuing to develop relationships with the Office of Career Services, the Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning, and the Academic Resource Center.

“GSAS is committed to providing our students with the best possible support as they seek highly competitive fellowships, write their dissertations or papers, and build their oral communication skills,” says GSAS Dean Emma Dench. “Through the creation of the Fellowships & Writing Center, GSAS will not only provide this support but leverage connections with other student resources to enhance support for students.”

GSAS Creates Fellowships & Writing Center