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In April, GSAS celebrated Alumni Day, an annual tradition that drew more than 300 graduates to Cambridge for a day filled with talks and opportunities to engage with fellow alumni. The day showcased the intellectual work conducted at Harvard by leading members of the faculty, and included a keynote address titled “The Sustainocene: Energy for All” delivered by Daniel G. Nocera, Patterson Rockwood Professor of Energy. Three of the sessions highlighted the connections between faculty and their graduate students, in particular their collaborations as researchers, course developers, and authors.

Save the Date for Alumni Day 2016—April 9, 2016

Highlights from Alumni Day 2015

Dean Xiao Li Meng addresses audience at Alumni Day
Xiao-Li Meng, PhD ’90, Dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, welcomed attendees to Alumni Day.
Daniel Nocera at Alumni Day
“Graduate school trains students how to think in a creative environment.” Patterson Rockwood Professor of Energy Daniel Nocera during his keynote address “The Sustainocene: Energy for All.” Nocera described the artificial leaf technology developed in his lab, which can now, thanks to engineered bacteria, generate fuel, renewably, from water.
Dean Xiao Li Meng poses with a GSAS graduate at Alumni Day
Dean Meng and dean for student affairs Garth McCavana, PhD ’90, were honored in celebration of their 25th anniversary of graduation from GSAS.
Four alumni were recognized for their 50th anniversaries of graduation from GSAS. From left to right: Ira H. Gilbert, PhD ’65; David A. Shnidman, PhD ’65; Jane Moosbruker, PhD ’65; and Ken Harte, PhD ’65.
Alumni talk over lunch at Alumni Day
Alumni Day participants enjoyed lunch at the Harvard Faculty Club.
Alumni Day participants enjoyed conversation over lunch at the Harvard Faculty Club.
Claudine Gay at Alumni Day 2015
Claudine Gay, PhD ’97, professor of government and of African and African American studies, spoke about affordable housing investment. “Housing is an important anti-poverty tool.”
“Chinese voices provided a vocabulary used transnationally to understand China.” Devin Fitzgerald, PhD candidate in history and East Asian languages, speaks as Mark Elliott, the Mark Schwartz Professor of Chinese and Inner Asian History, looks on.
“College campuses are the single most religiously diverse communities in the country.” PhD candidate Nuri Friedlander (third from left) during “Scholars of Religion, Religious Communities: What Are the Intersections?” which continued the conversation begun on April 10 at the reunion of the Committee on the Study of Religion. Matthew Potts, MDiv ’08, PhD ’13 (far right), led a panel discussion that included Friedlander and (from left) Valerie Cooper, ThD ’04, and Jennifer Quigley, ThD candidate.
Alexander Rehding and Peter McMurray at Alumni Day 2015
“Silence remains a powerful tool of social justice.” Peter McMurray, PhD ’14, during “The Art of Listening” with Fanny Peabody Professor of Music Alexander Rehding. Together McMurray and Rehding designed an undergraduate course of the same name.
Clifford J. Tabin at Alumni Day 2015
"Clifford J. Tabin, George Jacob and Jacqueline Hazel Leder Professor of Genetics, spoke of the joy of basic science research during “Development and Evolution of the Vertebrate Body.” “Why is the heart on the left? Let’s find out!”
“The Chinese people are individually free, collectively in chains.” Gary King, the Albert J. Weatherhead III University Professor, and Jennifer Pan, PhD candidate in government, discussed bursts of social media activity and state censorship in China during “Reverse Engineering Censorship in China.”


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Photos by Martha Stewart