GSAS was proud to welcome more than 100 alumni from across the globe for a celebration of Harvard Astronomy on April 5, 2013. The day presented opportunities to engage with some of the leading research in the field, to celebrate new discoveries, and to connect with colleagues and current students.

The program began in Phillips Auditorium at the Department's Garden Street home base, with an alumni-led career panel for current students, sponsored by the Graduate School Fund, that focused on nonacademic pathways. Then faculty and students took the floor to host a series of presentations that updated reunion guests on the latest research in the department and on the students' wide-ranging mentoring and professional development activities. (Click here to learn about the Graduate School Fund's reunion campaign.)

Later, alumni, students and faculty reconvened in the Sheraton Commander Hotel for a celebratory luncheon followed by a series of panel discussions featuring some of the greatest minds in astronomy. In the first session, panelists explored the nature of the universe and discussed the methods involved in measuring and understanding the cosmos. Equally as stimulating, the second session offered panelists the chance to present their research on exoplanets and the potential for extra-solar life.  It was an exciting day, one that Harvard's astronomy community will not soon forget. Please enjoy a selection of photos from the event below.


Alumni Career panel during Alumni Day.


Avi Loeb speaking during Alumni Day.



Group of students sitting outside.
Astronomy professors with telescope.
Audience member listening during panel discussion.
Man speaking during panel discussion.
Audience member asking question during panel discussion.
Man speaking during panel discussion.
Audience members watching a panel discussion.
Man speaking at a panel table.
Man speaking from a panel table.
Woman speaking from a panel table.
Woman speaking at panel table.
Woman panelist speaking during an event.
Man speaking at panel table.
Two men conversing at an event.

The Graduate School Fund: Investing in Great Minds

In honor of the Astronomy and Astrophysics departmental reunion, the Graduate School Fund will be leading an effort to raise financial support for graduate students. Help us raise as many graduate fellowships as possible ($25,000/student of current-use support) and make a gift today. All gifts in honor of the reunion, big and small, are deeply appreciated and will be counted toward the total.



All the Stars: A Celebration of Harvard Astronomy