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At this time of year, many fellowship applicants have learned whether or not they have received a fellowship. This is an appropriate time for some reflections on the process. Above all, I would like to say to everyone who participated in competitions this year, you all have reason to be proud of your efforts. The line between winner and non-winner is often very thin, and many of those who did not win in this year’s competitions still received enthusiastic comments from committee members.
The primary message for those who did not receive a fellowship is that there is absolutely no reason to doubt your abilities, no reason for a sense of failure. Yes, it is nicer to win. But the meaning of “winning” or “losing” should not be distorted into a harsh picture of polar opposites. All applicants formed part of a very strong pool, and I personally would like to acknowledge the hard work and the outstanding applications that we saw this year.

Fulbright Competition 2017–2018: Cultural Exchange IIE Fulbright

On May l, the Institute of International Education (IIE) opened the next competition for Fulbright Grants and other grants for graduate study abroad in academic fields and for professional training in the creative and performing arts. Information on the IIE Fulbright is available on the GSAS Fellowship Office website. If you would like advice on writing a proposal or any other part of the application process, please make an appointment with Cynthia Verba.

Professional Development Series

With events completed for the academic year, we are already starting to think about next year and topics that we might add to the series. Let us know if you have suggestions by calling the Fellowships Office at 617-495-1814 and asking to speak with Cynthia Verba.


On Fellowship Outcomes: An Important Message