Cambridge Campus Facilities

The Cambridge campus provides graduate students in the life sciences with superlative facilities to conduct cutting-edge research, including:

Harvard Medical School Facilities

The Longwood Medical Area in Boston comprises one of the most concentrated areas of scientific research facilities in the United States. World-class facilities include:

Many HILS faculty affiliates have their laboratories at some of the world’s premier medical research entities located at the Harvard Medical School and throughout the greater Boston area. These include:

Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health Facilities

The Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health's state-of-the-art research institutes and centers include:

Harvard School of Dental Medicine Facilities

The Harvard School of Dental Medicine's cutting-edge research resources include:

Facilities available at the HSDM-affiliated Forsyth Institute include:

Harvard Core Facilities

Core Facilities (“Cores”) are shared central laboratories, each capable of performing a specific set of experimental functions that enable investigators to perform experiments more efficiently and at a more affordable cost. Cores facilitate research activity by providing resources and services that are beyond the means of most individual labs. Harvard is fortunate to have a world-class array of these important resources, some of which are shown above.

HILS has assembled a comprehensive reference inventory of University-wide Core Facilities that are of interest to life sciences PhD students, formatted as an Excel spreadsheet and searchable using Excel's search and sorting tools. Each Core lab observes its own set of policies and procedures; be sure to contact each Core's administrative staff to confirm its fit with your research interest and your access to it. The Harvard Catalyst group also maintains a list of Harvard's Core Facilities.