Emergency Funding

Students whose progress was severely affected by COVID-19 should also visit the Emergency Support Initiative page.

At the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, we understand that emergencies can cause significant stress and impact your academic success and personal well-being. Students who experience extreme financial hardship as the result of an emergency may apply to the Office of Financial Aid for funding.


Emergency funding is not meant to cover routine expenses. Qualified expenses include but are not limited to costs associated with:

  • Medical or dental emergencies
  • Family emergencies
  • Natural disasters
  • Residential fires or floods
  • COVID-19 related expenses incurred during academic year 2019-2020, including those associated with:
    • Housing security
    • Emergency travel
    • Living expense coverage

More Information

To learn more about emergency funding and to connect with resources and support, email your Financial Aid Officer. For circumstances that do not qualify for emergency funding, student loans may be an option. Your financial aid officer can provide additional information.

Ready to Apply?

Download the Request for Emergency Funding.

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