Unabridged is a 5-day library master class for GSAS and DCE graduate students designed to help you lay the groundwork for an entire research career, helping you to become more effective, resourceful, and creative. This intensive program features a host of experts from across the university, offering a multi-disciplinary perspective on research practices. 

Developed over multiple years of participant and instructor feedback, Unabridged focuses on concepts as much as currently relevant tools and encourages you to learn through hands-on activities. Our holistic approach helps you develop strategies that are adaptable and enduring. You can expect to:

  • Navigate complex research environments
  • Organize your research in intellectually productive ways
  • Optimize your search strategies
  • Manage your scholarly persona and negotiate with publishers
  • Schedule & Logistics

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Unabridged Program Coordinators:

Anna Assogba

Mikel Burt

Susan Gilman

Odile Harter

Unabridged 2020 will be January 15th-23rd, 2020.

Apply at: https://tinyurl.com/unabridgedclass