What is a Writing Oasis?

The Writing Oasis is offered through the Center for Writing and Communicating Ideas through the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences*.  It provides a space for accountability, productivity, and peer support. As one pilot participant described, “it’s like going to a gym and taking a group class instead of running alone on the treadmill.” At the start of each session, writers share their writing goals with a group of peers. Participants then write for a predetermined amount of time, with break periods embedded, to achieve their objective. At the end of the session, participants share out about their experience and whether or not they met their goals.  Writers can estimate completing 5-8 pages of writing each day.  Timeliness is critical for Oasis success.  

Each Oasis is open to graduate students and post-doctoral fellows. There is limited space. Spots will be allocated in the order of request.  Preference will be given to GSAS students. Partial participation will depend on available space.  

Please email Nancy Khalil by Saturday March 10th at nkhalil@fas.harvard.edu to RSVP.
*The Writing Oasis has also received support from the Anthropology Department, the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, the Harvard Initiative on Learning and Teaching, the Bureau Study Counsel, the Wellness Center, and the Harvard Libraries.