What is a Writing Oasis? 

The Writing Oasis provides a space for accountability, productivity, and peer support. As one pilot participant described, its like going to a gym and taking a group class instead of running alone on the treadmill. At the start of each session, writers share their writing goals with a group of peers who provide feedback based on their own experience. Participants then write for a predetermined amount of time, with break periods embedded, to achieve their objective. At the end of the session, participants share out about their experience and whether or not they met their goals.

Why participate in the Oasis?

The Oasis format is not for every writer, but those who find appeal in it greatly praise their experience in it. Last year's cohort had a phenomenal success rate, including in job placements.  The Oasis cohort community becomes a great resource for many aspects of the writing year, all while holding writing time secure, providing some structure for a rather unstructured year, and offering a community of people in a similar stage.

RSVP by Dec 3rd (space limited). If you cannot commit to the entire day and still want to attend, this needs to be evaluated on a case by case basis.  Please email nkhalil@fas