Come join an academic coach and fellow graduate students on Mondays and Thursdays for three weeks of shared accountability. The group spends 45 minutes on focused work bookended by roughly 15 minutes at the beginning and end of each session discussing goals, outcomes, and strategies for success.  

Registration is required only once for each 3-week (6-session) series. Questions? Contact Dorothy, the facilitator, at

A Note to Our Fabulous Prior ARC Accountability Group Participants:  If you have already participated in six or more weeks of ARC accountability groups, please do not register for this one just yet. We would truly love to have you join if space permits, but we want to encourage new students to join first. This way, they can learn how the groups work and eventually, as experienced participants like you, join other student-led groups or lead their own.  If you have already participated in 6 weeks or more of ARC accountability groups, and you want to be placed on a waiting list for a spot and/or you are interested in joining a student-led group, please email Dorothy at

Host Organizations:

Academic Resource Center