Science fiction (SF) has emerged as a privileged symbolic field for the expression of hopes and anxieties that drive both culture and tech industries. Whether seen as a form of productive pessimism or liberatory theory, SF from the margins is deployed as a political tool for enacting change in the present.

In this course, we will tackle the construction of global crises (environmental, financial, political) through the lens of SF by reading scholarly literature from science and technology studies (STS), queer and postcolonial studies, works of fiction, and movie screenings. Each course meeting will start with some framing remarks from the instructors, followed by a screening, and then discussion of the readings. Course participants will have the option of completing a fiction writing exercise to be pre-circulated and discussed in the final session.

Instructors: Gili Vidan and Eli Nelson.

Meeting dates: January 8, 10, 12, 16, 17, 19 (2-5pm). Location: SC 469.

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