The GSAS Arts Fellows are pleased to announce the start of salsa and bachata dance classes on Sunday, Sept 22nd (12:00 to 3:00 p.m.) as a de-stressing activity for the students. The classes will be held every Sunday in the Dining room of Lehman hall and are open to all Harvard affiliates and their guests. 


To make payment and secure your spot:

  1. Click this Link

  2. Use authentication code: salsa1

Absolute Beginners Salsa ($50 for 8 classes or $10 for drop-ins)
No previous dance experience required
No partner needed
Style: LA on 1 

Intermediate Salsa ($50 for 8 classes or $10 for drop-ins)
Knowledge of 1-basic steps, 2- cross-body lead, 3- right turn and left turn is required.
No partner needed
Style: LA on 1 

Bachata ($50 for 8 classes or $10 for drop-ins)
This class is open for both, absolute beginners and intermediates. 
The instructor will not assume previous knowledge but the class will advance quickly
No partner needed
Style: fusion of classical and modern bachata
Focus: Body movements and partner work


The GSAS aspires to offer a safe space for all the students to express themselves freely. Dance classes offered by GSAS are gender-fluid: regardless of gender identity, Cisgender or transgender, participants can choose to either lead or follow. Same-sex partners are welcome.