The Happy Art Hour at GSAS Student Center is organized by the Arts Fellows, and brings together students across disciplines to talk about Art!

Each meet-up a guest introduces to the group their "favorite" work of art; it could be either a painting, a sculpture, a short video, or an installation—we are game! Conversations will be further facilitated via breakout rooms, where you can mingle with peers with similar interests.

Guess the artwork to be presented at the Sept 16 meet-up:

Hint #1  Female artist, post-civil war era.

Hint #2  It's a portrait of a newlywed.

Hint #3  We are in for a feast!

Send in your guesses at


Come learn something new at the Happy Art Hour; wherever you are currently located, it’s always a great time to share art!

PS. Friends/Flatmates/Family/Spouses/Children all welcome!

Host Organizations:

GSAS Student Center
GSAS Student Center Arts