Resources for Directors of Graduate Studies

The Handbook for Directors of Graduate Studies provides information on advising and on GSAS as well as listing the Harvard resources available to graduate students. You may also be interested in reviewing a list of professional development and teaching practicum course syllabi.

The GSAS website contains GSAS policies and procedures, including program requirements for the degree, registration and enrollment information, regulations and standards of conduct, and benefits. 

The Office of Career Services has prepared a Professional Development template for GSAS programs that can guide DGS efforts to provide field-specific guidance on academic careers, as well as connections to alumni who have developed successful careers in academia, government, industry, non-profits, and other areas beyond the academy.

Directors of Graduate Studies 2018–2019

African and African American Studies, Marla Frederick

American Studies, Vincent Brown

Anthropology, Richard Meadow, George Meiu

Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Urban Planning, Erika Naginski

Astronomy, John Asher Johnson

Biological Sciences in Dental Medicine, Yingzi Yang

Biological Sciences in Public Health, Brendan Manning

Biophysics, James Martin Hogle, Venkatesh Murthy

Biostatistics, Paige Williams

Business Administration, Jennifer Mucciarone

Business Economics, Jennifer Mucciarone

Celtic Languages and Literatures, Joseph F. Nagy

Chemical Biology, Daniel Kahne, Suzanne Walker

Chemical Physics, Elizabeth Lennox, Daniel Nocera

Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Elizabeth Lennox, Daniel Nocera

Classics, Jeremy Rau

Comparative Literature, Verena Conley

Earth and Planetary Sciences, David Johnston, Eli Tziperman

East Asian Languages and Civilizations, David Der-Wei Wang

Economics, Jeffrey Miron

Education, Jon Star

Engineering and Applied Sciences, David Brooks, Federico Capasso, Yiling Chen, Fawwaz Habbal, Tim Kaxiras, Elsie Sunderland, Eli Tziperman, Leslie Valiant, Daniel Weinstock, Steve Wofsy

English, Glenda Carpio

Film and Visual Studies, Eric Rentschler

Forestry, David Foster

Germanic Languages and Literatures, Peter Burgard

Government, Ryan Enos

Health Policy, Meredith Rosenthal

History, Dimiter Angelov

History of Art and Architecture, Jeffrey Hamburger

History of Science, Elizabeth Lunbeck

Human Evolutionary Biology, Richard Wrangham

Inner Asian and Altaic Studies, Mark Elliott (Fall 2018), Leonard van der Kuijp (Spring 2019)

Linguistics, C. T. James Huang

Mathematics, Mark Kisin

Medical Sciences, David Cardozo

Middle Eastern Studies, Cemal Kafadar

Molecular and Cellular Biology, Victoria D'Souza

Music, Carol Oja

Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, Malika Zeghal

Organismic and Evolutionary Biology, Michael M. Desai

Organizational Behavior, Jennifer Mucciarone

Philosophy, Mark Richard

Physics, Jacob Barandes, Mara Prentiss

Political Economy and Government, Robert Stavins

Population Health Sciences, Lisa Berkman

Psychology, George Alvarez, Jesse Snedeker

Public Policy, Robert Stavins

Regional Studies–East Asia, Alexander Zahlten

Regional Studies–Russia, E. Europe, Central Asia, Alexandra Vacroux

Religion, David Holland

Romance Languages and Literatures, Virginie Greene

Slavic Languages and Literatures, Justin Weir

Social Policy, Alexandra Killewald, Theda Skocpol

Sociology, Alexandra Killewald

South Asian Studies, Sunil Amrith

Statistics, Natesh Pillai

Systems Biology, Timothy Mitchison, Andrew Murray