As members of the Harvard community, we have a collective responsibility to keep one another safe and healthy. All GSAS affiliates are expected to follow University and FAS guidance, including meeting the vaccine booster requirement. Unless we work together to uphold these responsibilities, we put ourselves and one another at risk. Please note that repeated noncompliance with these expectations may lead to restriction of access to classrooms and buildings, notification to graduate program administration, or referral to the GSAS Administrative Board for disciplinary action.

Take Steps to Prevent COVID-19

Keep Current with COVID-19 Vaccination

If you are due for a booster, make a vaccine appointment with Harvard University Health Services (HUHS) or your local pharmacy.

Carry a Face Mask; Clinical Settings Require Masking

Face masks are now optional in most spaces, but they are required in HUHS and other clinical settings. You are strongly encouraged to always carry a mask and voluntarily mask in crowded, indoor settings.

Stay Home If Sick; Test If You Have Symptoms or a COVID-19 Exposure

If you feel unwell, stay home and test yourself. Do not assume your symptoms are just a cold or allergies. If you have been exposed to COVID-19, test yourself, even if you do not have symptoms.

If You Test Positive, Isolate and Follow CDC Guidelines

Abide by the isolation guidelines listed on Notify close contacts and check in with your health care provider if you are at high risk. Members of the Harvard community should also report positive tests via Crimson Clear.

Stay Informed about COVID-19 to Help Guide Behavior

The COVID-19 outlook is continually evolving. Stay informed about the state of the virus by monitoring local COVID-19 data as well as the COVID Data Tracker from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Digest of COVID-19 News emails sent to students.Read more
To keep Harvard community members safe and healthy and to ensure that campus remains open, we all have a shared responsibility to act prudently, safely, and in accordance with public health directives. The Community Expectations Related to COVID-19 represent the heart of this collective project.Read more