Each year, the GSAS Student Council (GSC) chooses graduating students as Commencement marshals. Traditionally, on the morning of Commencement, these students help the GSAS deans organize the procession from the GSAS breakfast gathering to Harvard Yard. Walking at the head of the procession, they proudly hoist the School gonfalon as they lead the graduating class into Tercentenary Theatre. It is a wonderful tradition and considered an honor to be chosen as a Commencement marshal. The 2020 in-person ceremony has been postponed until a later date, and we anticipate the marshals will join us then to lead the parade. 

The 2020 Commencement marshals have been selected by the GSC and will join Dean Emma Dench at the GSAS Graduation Recognition Ceremony for a virtual celebration.

Marshal nominations are made by members of the GSAS community, including students, the nominee’s graduate program administrator, or Harvard faculty. The 2020 Commencement marshals are: 

Representing the doctor of philosophy:

  • Rodrick Kuate Defo, PhD, Physics
  • Blythe Katelyn George, PhD, Sociology
  • Eliza J. Gettel, PhD, Classics
  • Sa-kiera Tiarra Jolynn Hudson, PhD, Psychology
  • Blakely Bussie O'Connor, PhD, Engineering Sciences
  • David Romney, PhD, Government
  • Ivan Jacinto Santiago, PhD, Medical Sciences
  • Thomas Patrick Wisniewski, PhD, Comparative Literature

Representing graduates with a master of arts, master of science, or master of engineering:

  • Amy Jean Grantham, AM, Regional Studies–East Asia

  • Ivanna Yana Kuz, AM, Regional Studies–Russia, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia



Blythe Katelyn George, PhD, sociology


Rodrick Kuate Defo, PhD, physics











Hudson cropped.jpg

Sa-kiera Tiarra Jolynn Hudson, PhD, psychology


Eliza J. Gettel, PhD, classics












David Romney, PhD, government


Blakely Bussie O'Connor, PhD, engineering sciences












Ivan Jacinto Santiago, PhD, medical sciences

wisniewski cropped.jpg

Thomas Patrick Wisniewski, PhD, comparative literature












Amy Jean Grantham, AM, regional studies–East Asia

Kuz 1.jpg

Ivanna Yana KuzAM, regional studies–Russia, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia

Meet the 2020 Commencement Marshals