Innovation illustration
March 17, 2017
In 1847, Abbot Lawrence, a mill owner in the eponymous city of Lawrence, Massachusetts, donated $50,000 to Harvard University for the establishment of an advanced scientific school. Driven in part by his friendship with Harvard President Edward... Read More
Suzanne Smith - Swimming to Learn
May 2, 2017
There was an old lady who sowed her extra seeds on deserted lands every spring…Whenever she was out in the village, I often found her carefully examining the surroundings to look for anything that could be potentially useful: each piece of land,... Read More
Students participating in the cooking challenge
February 27, 2017
The secret ingredient: Aspergillus oryzae, a grain-loving fungus that under the microscope looks like a delicate flower on stem. Fermented with soybeans, grain, and, salt, it becomes miso paste, a staple of Japanese cuisine. The challenge: Ask 4... Read More
Ruth Simmons
May 2, 2017
Ruth Simmons, PHD ’73, became the first African-American president of an ivy league institution. But without the mentors who instilled in her a love of learning and desire to aim high, she may not have succeeded. You’ve said that you owe much of... Read More