Resources for Directors of Graduate Studies The Handbook for Directors of Graduate Studies provides information on advising and on GSAS as well as listing the Harvard resources available to graduate students. The GSAS Student Handbook contains GSAS policies and procedures, including program...Read more
The Graduate Policy Committee (GPC) reviews graduate programs, engaging with program leaders about admissions practices, advising systems, student life, curricular offerings and requirements, temporal guideposts and time to degree, and outplacement of degree holders. Reviews are scheduled in a...Read more
In graduate seminars, students consider central conceptual and analytic themes, course design, and pedagogy while analyzing appropriate readings, primary materials, and laboratory work. This innovative model gives faculty interested in developing new courses the opportunity to construct the course...Read more
The GSAS Student Handbook describes the policies and procedures that apply to students enrolled in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. It also contains important information and forms related to admissions, registration, academic programs, degree requirements, standards of conduct,...Read more